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With Loop Subscriptions, you get the most powerful subscription editor allowing you to make any type of changes in an existing subscription whether it is related to product, billing, shipping or payment.

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Actions on Products

With Loop’s powerful subscription editing utility, merchants can take any necessary action on the contents of a subscription.

Action Description
Add a Product Add a Product as one-time or as a subscription to any existing subscription
Remove a Product Remove a Product once or permanently from any exiting subscription
Swap Product Swap/change one product for another with ease
Change Quantity Increase/Decrease the quantity of any product in a subscription
Minimum order value
Allow customers to remove products only if the order value is above the minimum amount configured.

Actions on Subscription Status

These actions when performed change the state of the subscription. Such actions and associated guides for the same are given in the table below.

Action Description
Pause Subscription
Pause an Active Subscription
Resume Subscription
Resume a Paused Subscription
Cancel Subscription Cancel an Active Subscription
Reactivate Subscription
Reactivate a Cancelled Subscription

Actions on Order

Loop’s subscription editor enables you to perform order-related actions on a subscription. These actions when performed change when the upcoming order will be delivered to the customer.

Action Description
Charge Customer Now Place the upcoming subscription order for your customers at any point from the admin portal
Skip/Unskip order Skip/Unskip the upcoming orders on behalf of your customers
Reschedule the upcoming order Change when the upcoming subscription order is billed

Shipping & Discounts

Make changes to Shipping information and change discounts on any subscription as required.

Option Description
Add/Remove Discount
Add/Remove/Modify discounts in any susbcription from the admin portal
Recalculate Discounts Enables you to recalculate discounts automatically for all subscriptions when discount code properties are modified in the Shopify admin
Edit Shipping Address Modify the Shipping Address on behalf of your subscribers
Edit Shipping Price Edit Shipping Price manually for any subscription.
Edit Delivery Method Edit/Change Delivery Method title for any subscription
Shipping Price Automation Automatically modify shipping prices in your subscription as per the shipping rates set up in Shopify’s shipping profiles.

Billing & Delivery Policy

Using Loop’s powerful subscription management tools, you can easily modify any subscription’s Billing & Delivery policy which directly affects.

Option Description
Change Billing & Delivery Schedule Edit/Set your subscription’s billing & delivery intervals to any interval of your choosing
Configure Specific Billing Days Set up a specific billing day for a particular subscription to ensure that the orders are billed on the same day irrespective of the start date of their subscription.
Global Billing Hour Set up a Billing hour on Loop to ensure that all subscriptions are billed at the same time in
Min/Max Billing Cycles Setup minimum/maximum billing cycles for your subscriptions

Create a Subscription

Loop allows you to create a subscription manually for your customer. This can be useful in situations where the customer is unable to perform this themselves

–> Learn how to Create a Subscription manually

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