Custom Subscription Widget

A widget is the first point of interaction and the most impressionable part of your Store. So it’s important to be able to design a functional and cohesive widget which adheres to your brand principles and philosophy.

We at Loop understand this requirement and hence we provide the ability to make your own widget using the Custom Widget feature.

Note: Custom Widget feature is part of the GROWTH plan and above.

Where can you find it?

You can find the Custom Widget feature in
Loop App > Subscription Widget > Custom Widget


These steps have to be done before configuring the Custom Widget else the widget will not be visible on the Store.

  • Set up Selling Plans
  • Map Product to Selling Plans
  • Widget Installation

How to configure the Custom Widget

  • Step 1: Go to the Custom Widget page in the Subscription Widget section on the Loop App
  • Step 2: Select the theme you would like to activate the widget on and click the activate button
  • Step 3: Now make any changes you’d like to the CSS then save your changes
  • Step 4: These changes will reflect on the Widget on the Store.

Feel free to customize the widget to anything that you’d like. We’ve packed it to the brim in terms of customizability. Here is a demo which showcases the Custom Widget feature.

If you have any queries or doubts about any of these steps. Please reach out to

Loop Subscription Team

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