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Offering a discount can attract new subscribers, especially if the product is new or unfamiliar to the customer. Subscription deals for multiple products offered at discounted prices can encourage customers to purchase more. This article will cover

When a discount code is applied from the customer portal, it applies to all instances or just the subsequent delivery, depending on the discount code that has been used and how it has been configured on Shopify admin. Learn more about discount configuration here.

Apply discounts on Subscription from Loop Customer Portal

Customers can apply for a discount on a subscription by themselves directly from the Loop customer portal. For a customer to be able to do this, the following prerequisites must be met.

Note: When or integrations are enabled on Loop, customers can apply discounts created in the smile, stamped, or any other loyalty app to a subscription on Loop's customer portal or use it to check out subscription orders.


  1. The customer must have an active subscription.
  2. The option called “Apply Discounts” should be enabled. This option can be found by heading to Customer Portal > Preferences > Subscription Details.

Steps to apply a discount

If all the above prerequisites have been met, here is a step-by-step illustration of how customers can apply the discount code on the Loop customer portal

  1. Open the required subscription on Loop's customer portal.

  1. Scroll down to the "Discount" section.

  1. Enter the discount code and click apply.

Note -  Discount codes applied on a contract use the properties configured in Shopify for that particular discount at that exact moment. Changes to the discount later will not be considered, even though the code remains the same. Shopify also doesn't check for combinability settings when customers apply a discount on an existing subscription via Loop.

Apply discounts on orders from Loop Admin Portal

There might be a requirement if a customer reaches out to your support team and asks them to apply a discount on a subscription. In such cases, the store staff can manually apply discounts on orders from the Loop admin portal on behalf of the customer.


Customers should have an active subscription on Loop.

Steps to apply a discount

If all the prerequisites are satisfied, then the staff can apply a discount on an order in the following way:

  1. Search the required subscription with "Subscription ID" in Loop admin > Subscriptions and open it.

  1. Open the subscription and click on the “Add Discount” icon on the top.

  1. Enter the Discount code and click on “Add”.

Allow customers to apply multiple discounts

Customers always love to get that extra discount for their upcoming order(s). In particular, loyal customers always want to apply their hard-earned loyalty discounts on their existing subscriptions, and hence, you shall allow customers to apply multiple discounts at a time.

Limiting the number of discounts that can be applied

While the superpower to apply infinitely many discounts will always delight your customers, ensuring a minimum revenue realisation per order is essential for any business.

You can allow your customers to apply multiple discounts; however, you shall always limit the number of discounts that any customer can apply for a given subscription at any time.

Customers will be shown an error once the discount limit is reached. They will have to remove the discount code that has already been applied and apply the new one.

This limit will be checked only on the customer portal discount input area and storefront APIs. Additional discounts from the admin portal, flow, bulk action, quick action, cancellation offers, and admin portal APIs will continue to apply without considering this limit.

The error message can be configured by editing Customer portal > Texts > Discount section > Maximum number of discounts reached

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