Update Shipping Details

Customers may update their shipping address for various reasons, such as moving to a new location, temporarily staying at a different address, or providing an alternate shipping address for a gift or surprise. Some customers may also update their shipping address if they find that their original shipping address needs to be entered correctly, and they want to ensure that their order is delivered to the correct location.

Update Shipping Address from Loop Customer Portal

Customers can get an updated shipping address for themselves directly from the Loop customer portal. For a customer to be able to do this, the following prerequisites must be met.


  1. The customer should have an active subscription on the app.
  2. The option called “Update Shipping Address” should be enabled. This option can be found by heading to Customer Portal > Preferences >Payment and Shipping Details

Update Shipping Address from Loop Admin Portal

There might be a requirement if a customer phones in and asks the merchant to update the shipping address on their behalf. In such cases, the merchant can manually update the shipping address on behalf of the customer from the Loop admin portal. To do so, the following requirements will need to be met.


  1. Customers should have a subscription on Loop.

If all the prerequisites are satisfied, then update the Shipping Address by the following way-

By heading over to loop, you can search for the customer with “Subscription id”, in the “Shipping Address,” you have to click on “Edit.”

Change the address accordingly and “Save.”

Facing Issues?

If you have any queries or doubts about any of these steps. Please reach out to support@loopwork.co.


Loop Subscription Team

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