Specific day billing

What exactly is specific day billing?

The specific day billing feature allows you to charge all your subscribers on the same day (of week or month) or same date every year irrespective of the start date of their subscription.

This is useful when 
  • You sell digital subscriptions and want to bill all your subscribers on the 1st of each month.
  • You need time to prepare for deliveries and want to know the number of upcoming orders beforehand to plan and purchase raw materials.
  • Or you want to simplify your backend operations by doing all subscription deliveries on a specific day.

How to enable specific day billing?

You can enable specific day billing in both new and existing selling plans.


Anchor Day

This defines the day or date on which the billing will happen. It is not supported for daily deliveries.

  • Weekly deliveries
  • Monthly deliveries
  • Yearly deliveries
For weekly deliveries, you can set a day (Monday, Tuesday, etc.)
For monthly deliveries, you can set the day (1st, 2nd, 3rd...31st) of each month
For yearly deliveries, you can set the date (1st, 2nd..) of month (Jan, Feb...)

First Delivery

This determines when the order will be open for fulfilment after the customer has purchased it.
  • On Checkout: This is for immediate fulfilment. So as soon as the order is placed, it will be open for fulfilment.
  • On Anchor: Fulfillment will happen on the nearest anchor day. Suppose, the customer has placed an order on Monday, but you have selected the anchor day as Wednesday. Then, the order will be open for fulfilment on Wednesday only. 

Cut-off window

This is set in number of days and prevents billing user multiple times within a short period of time. It is measure from the day/ date of anchor day. So if the customer places an order within the cut-off window, and
  • If the first delivery is on checkout, then it will schedule the delivery on nearest anchor day.
  • If the first delivery is on anchor, then it will jump the next anchor day and schedule the delivery on the next anchor day.

Suppose, you have set a selling plan with 

  • weekly delivery
  • anchor day as Monday
  • cut-off as 2 days

Case A: first delivery on checkout

Customer ordered on Lies in Cutoff Order fulfilment on
No (Diff is 6 days)
Thursday No (Diff is 4 days)
Sunday Yes (Diff is 2 days)
Upcoming Monday

Case B: first delivery on anchor

Customer ordered on
Lies in cut-off
Order fulfilment on
Tuesday No (Diff is 6 days)
Upcoming Monday
No (Diff is 4 days)
Upcoming Monday
Saturday Yes (Diff is 2 days)

Next Monday

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