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In this article, we’ll show you how to configure your settings so that your product prices are automatically updated whenever there are changes made to your catalog. This will save you the hassle of manually updating each individual product price, and ensure that your customers are always seeing accurate pricing information. Let’s get started!

Where to find this setting

You can find these settings in Settings > General under the Subheading “Product Prices”

Note: This option available in the Growth plan.

What do the options mean?

This section walks you through each trigger and explains the behavior of each setting and toggle.

Option Description
Automatically apply product price changes to subscriptions Whenever any product price is updated in your shop, the system will also apply the change in all subscriptions containing the product
Keep subscription discounts on every price change Discounts configured for the subscription plan will be auto-applied on the updated price
Discount Behavior Settings Allows you to configure how the discount behaves when a price update is propagated retroactively on your existing subscribers

How does the discount behavior setting affect my subscribers?

Based on the setting that you choose the discount behavior varies and here is an example illustrating both in simple terms

  1. Apply existing subscription discounts as currently configured on the product
  2. Recalculate discounts as per the selling plan associated with the product. If no applicable selling plan found, then the existing subscription discounts will be applied.

In the first option, any price updates triggered by changes in product price will be recalculated for the customer based on the discount % that was offered on the selling plan at the time of purchase. This means that customers who have already subscribed to your product will continue to receive the same discount percentage / amount even if the discount configured in the selling plan is different.

Let’s take an example where a merhcant sells a monthly subscription box of beauty products for $30, and they offer a 10% discount to subscribers. If you enable auto-updating of product prices, and later decide to increase the price of your subscription box to $35 and change the discount to 15%, subscribers will continue to receive the 10% discount, which brings their price down to $31.50 (ie - 10% discount) regardless of the current discount % that is being offered to subscribers

In the second option, any price updates that occur due to changes in your product catalog will also apply the latest discount as configured on your selling plan. This means that customers who have already subscribed to your product will receive the same updated discount % as set in the selling plan when the price of the product changes.

Let’s take the same example as above, but in this case lets assume the discount offered on selling plan has changed to 15%. The subscriber will recieve the updated 15% discount on their product when it’s price is updated in Shopify.

This setting ensures customer’s prices always track with the current subscription discount and price as set in Shopify.

Note - In the case the product is not available on subscription / has been removed from the selling plan entirely. The discount would remain the same as the last known discount for the product.

Semi-Manual Price update Trigger

Clicking the “Update Product Prices” button will update the product/variant prices for all the existing subscriptions as per the current prices set in your shop catalog.

This is a one time action, which can be triggered in case the automatic update of Pricing Information does not occur

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