Upsell Engine

What is Upselling

Upsell in subscriptions refers to the practice of offering additional products or services to a customer who has already subscribed to a product or service. This can be a way for businesses to increase revenue by convincing existing customers to upgrade or add on to their current subscription.

Loop provides a powerful upsell section which allows you to offer powerful upsell / cross-sell options with granular customizations to drive revenue and provide value to the customer.

Where can you find this on Loop?

A fully configured upsell section looks like this for the customer

The admin page for the upsell section can be accessed by heading to Loop > Customer Portal > Upsell

Setup and customize the upsell section

  • Step 1: Set permissions on the upsell section. These permissions define if the customer is able to add one time purchases / subscriptions or both from the upsell bar.

  • Step 2: Configure the logic based on items already present in subscription, by which you would like to show / hide the products in the upsell section.
  • Step 3: In the Recommended products pane, use the Add products button to add specific products that are shown in the upsell section in priority order compared to other products.

  • Step 4: When a product is added, you can select how this product will be offered on the upsell section. You can choose to have it available as a one time purchase / a subscription or both. You can choose to add a specific discount to the one time purchase option.

  • Step 5: You can choose to add products to the excluded list. These products will not be shown on the upsell section on the customer portal.

What does your customer see?

A fully configured upsell section will allow your customer to add a new product to the subscription directly from the customer portal. The discounts are shown as configured on the Loop upsell settings for one time purchases. For subscription purchases, the discounts settings are pulled directly from the selling plans

Product does not show up on the upsell section

For a product to show up on the upsell section, the following prerequisites have to be met

  1. Product should be available to sell on the online store.
  2. If product inventory is managed in Shopify, and continue selling option is disabled, then the product stock should be >0
  3. Product type is not equal to “hidden”

Facing Issues?

If you have any queries or doubts about any of these steps. Please reach out to

Loop Subscription Team

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