Reschedule an upcoming order

There are many reasons why someone would need to reschedule an upcoming order, including not having finished the previous product, they’re out of town, or they might have some personal reasons.

Reschedule an order from the Loop customer portal

It is possible for a customer to delay an order for themselves directly from the Loop customer portal. For a customer to be able to do this, the following prerequisites must be met.


  1. The customer needs to have a subscription in an active state.
  2. The option called “Reschedule Order” should be enabled. This option can be found by heading to Customer Portal > Preferences > Order details.

If all the above prerequisites have been met. Here is a step-by-step illustration of how the option works.

  • The customer goes to their customer portal and goes to the required subscription.
  • Click on “Reschedule Order”.

Select the “Rescheduling Date” and “Confirm”.

Reschedule an order from the Loop admin portal

There might be a requirement if a customer phones in and asks the merchant to delay an order on their behalf. In such cases, the merchant can manually delay an order on behalf of the customer from the Loop admin portal. To do so, the following requirements will need to be met.


  1. Customers should have an active subscription on Loop / should have purchased a subscription in the past (canceled/paused).

If all the prerequisites are satisfied, then the merchant delays an order in following way-

  • By heading over to loop, you can search for the customer with “Subscription ID”, in the “Order Schedule” you have to click on Reschedule order.

Note → If the subscription is not in active state, the merchant would need to activate it first and then make the changes.

  • Select the date to which you want to reschedule the order and click on Confirm.

What happens to the future billing dates?

When an order is rescheduled from the customer portal or from the Loop admin page, the next order schedule will be recalculated based on the date entered by the customer/admin. This recalculation will be done on the basis of the cadence of the subscription contract.

In case an Anchor day is present on the subscription - the calendar will allow the customer to reschedule to the nearest Anchor day. The other dates will be greyed out and unavailable to the customer/merchant.

The next orders after the upcoming order will be scheduled based on the next billing date. 

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