Swap Subscription Product

Swapping a product in a subscription plan allows customers to easily change the product they receive without canceling their subscription. This feature is particularly useful when a customer wants to try a new product or has a change in preference. By swapping products, customers can maintain their subscriptions while also enjoying the flexibility to customize their orders according to their needs.

Swap a subscription product from the Customer Portal

Customers can swap a subscription product for themselves directly from the Loop customer portal.

  • To allow this, go to Loop > Customer Portal > Swap

  • Enable "Allow customers to swap their subscribed product(s)" under "Customer permissions".

  • Set up the discount settings for the swapped product.

  • Select the products which you want to make available to the customers to swap with the original product

  • You can also select the products that you do not want to provide for swapping under "excluded products"

This setting will override the setting of selected products, i.e., if a product is added to swap settings and excluded list, then it won't be provided for swapping.

Swap a subscription product from the Loop Admin Portal

There might be a requirement if a customer phones in and asks the merchant to swap a subscription product on their behalf. In such cases, the merchant can manually swap a subscription product on behalf of the customer from the Loop admin portal.

  • By heading over to Loop, you can search for the customer with “Subscription ID” by going to the Subscriptions tab.
  • Click on the pen icon in front of the product to be swapped.

  • In the next pop-up, click on change product and select from the list the product you want to swap with.

  • After changing the product, set up the discounts you want to provide on the swapped product and click on "Save".

Need help?

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