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Swapping a product in a subscription plan allows customers to easily change the product they receive without canceling their subscription. This feature is particularly useful when a customer wants to try a new product or has a change in preference. By swapping products, customers can maintain their subscription while also enjoying the flexibility to customize their orders according to their needs

Note - When you swap the product, all the inline items will get swapped, and their price will adjust accordingly based on the configuration set under Loop > Customer Portal > Swap products.

Swap a Subscription Product from the Loop Customer Portal

Customers can swap a subscription product for themselves directly from the Loop customer portal. For a customer to be able to do this, the following prerequisites must be met.


  1. The customer must have an active subscription.
  2. The option called “Swap Subscription Product” should be enabled. This option can be found by heading to Customer Portal > Preferences > Product Details

If all the above prerequisites have been met. Here is a step-by-step illustration of how the option works.

Choose the product with which you want to swap the existing product, and “Confirm Swap.”

Swap a Subscription Product from the Loop Admin Portal

There might be a requirement if a customer phones in and asks the merchant to swap a subscription product on their behalf. In such cases, the merchant can manually swap a subscription product on behalf of the customer from the Loop admin portal. To do so, the following requirements will need to be met.


  1. Customer should have an active subscription on Loop or should have purchased a subscription prior.

If all the prerequisites are satisfied, then the merchant can swap a subscription product in the following way-

By heading over to loop, you can search for the customer with “Subscription id”, you have to click on the “Pencil icon” on the top right.

You can select the product with which you want to swap the existing product and save.

Discount behavior when swapping products

Based on the setting that you choose the discount behavior varies and here is an example illustrating both in simple terms

  1. Apply existing subscription discounts as currently configured on the product
  2. Recalculate discounts as per the selling plan associated with the product. If no applicable selling plan found, then the existing subscription discounts will be applied.

In the first option, when a swap action takes place the product price will be recalculated for the customer based on the discount % that was offered on the selling plan for the old product at the time of purchase. This means that the selling plan of the new product (if different) will not be taken into account

Let’s take an example where a merhcant sells a Product A for $30, and they offer a 10% discount to subscribers. If you swap the product A to product B, and the discount in selling plan for that product (B) is 15%, subscribers will continue to receive the 10% discount, regardless of the current discount % that is being offered for the new product on subscription

In the second option, when a product is swapped, the discount details are pulled from the new selling plan of the new product and then applied. This means that when swapping the discount is also automatically updated as per the new product's selling plan

Let’s take the same example as above, but in this case lets assume the discount offered on selling plan has changed to 15%. The subscriber will recieve the updated 15% discount on their product when it’s price is updated in Shopify.

This setting ensures customer’s prices always track with the current subscription discount and price as set in Shopify when swapping as well

Note - In the case the product is not available on subscription / has been removed from the selling plan entirely. The discount would remain the same as the last known discount for the product.

Facing Issues?

If you have any queries or doubts about any of these steps. Please reach out to support@loopwork.co.

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