Pause/Resume a Subscription

There are several factors that may lead an individual to consider pausing a subscription. These factors include incomplete utilization of the previous product, personal travel commitments, or personal circumstances that require temporary suspension.

Loop offers a range of options that enable both you and your customers to easily Pause or Resume a subscription in accordance with their specific requirements.

This article will guide you through the all the available features making it easier for your customer to Pause / Resume their subscription at any point of the time in their subscription journey.

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What happens when we pause a subscription?

When a subscription is in the Paused state, it signifies that no recurring charges will be applied to the contract until it returns to an active state.

Based on the Pause method that is applied, there are two distinct behaviors that a paused contract will follow:

  1. Pause without auto-resume
  2. Pause with auto-resume

Pause without auto-resume

When a subscription is paused without auto-resume, it indicates that the subscription will remain in the paused state indefinitely unless the state is modified to Active by the merchant or the customer. If a subscription is paused in this manner, its upcoming orders are cleared from the loop platform (including the skipped orders). They will be repopulated once the contract is resumed again.

The repopulation process is conducted based on the following logic:

Next order date = Subscription Resume date + Cadence / Billing Frequency

Pause with auto-resume

When this option is utilized, the subscription remains in the paused state for the duration that was specified when the pause action was executed, after which the subscription is automatically resumed by the system.

The subsequent billing date is displayed to the merchant and the customer in their user interface so that they can precisely determine when their subscription will be unpaused and the subsequent order will be placed.

Pause subscription from Loop Customer Portal

For a customer to be able to pause a subscription directly from their customer portal, the following prerequisites must be met:


  1. The customer must have an active subscription on Loop
  2. The option to "Allow customers to pause/resume subscription from the customer portal" should be enabled. This configuration can be accessed by navigating to Customer Portal > Preferences > Pause subscription.
  3. A merchant can set a pause interval on Loop to let customers choose a period to pause their subscription. This can be done by enabling the toggle "Pause subscription intervals".

Note : If this option is unchecked on the store, the customer will not be able to perform the pause / resume action on their existing / new subscriptions from the customer portal.

Once the requirements are met, the customer is then able to head to their customer portal and use the Pause subscription action.

Pause a subscription from the Loop admin portal

Loop provides a powerful admin portal that you can use to pause / resume subscriptions from the backend.

  1. Head over to Loop > Subscriptions and search for the customer with Subscription ID or Email / Name;
  2. Click on the subscription ID
  3. In the right corner, you have the option to pause the subscription.

Note : Admin now has control to select if they want to notify the customer about the change or not. If the admin chooses to notify the customer, then the notification will be sent even if the notification is disabled in preferences.

The below images will give you an idea of how to perform this action from the admin portal

Note: A subscription can be resumed the same way it has been paused.

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