Reactivate Subscription

A customer may decide to reactivate a previous subscription for several reasons, including the fact that they value the product or service and want to keep using it, a temporary financial or personal issue that prevented them from continuing their subscription but which is now resolved, or because the business provided a special incentive or promotion for doing so.

This section will walk you through all the options on how you or the customer can reactivate a subscription on loop.

Reactivate Subscription from Loop Customer Portal

Customers can reactivate subscriptions for themselves directly from the Loop customer portal. For a customer to be able to do this, the following prerequisites must be met.


  1. The customer should have already purchased and cancelled at least one subscription from the store in the past,
  2. The option called “Reactivate Subscription” should be enabled. This option can be found by heading to Customer Portal > Preferences >Subscription Details.

If all the above prerequisites have been met. Here is a step by step illustration of how the option works.

Reactivate Subscription from Loop Admin Portal

There might be a requirement if a customer calls in and asks the merchant to reactivate a previously cancelled subscription. In such cases, the merchant can manually reactivate the subscription on behalf of the customer from the Loop admin portal. To do so, the following requirements will need to be met.


  1. Customers should have a cancelled subscription on Loop.

If all the prerequisites are satisfied, then the merchant can reactivate the subscription in the following way-

By heading over to loop, you can search for the customer with “Subscription ID” and click on the “Reactivate” icon on the top right.

And “Confirm”.

Facing Issues?

If you have any queries or doubts about any of these steps. Please reach out to

Loop Subscription Team

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