Zapiet is a delivery management app that allows merchants to restrict or allow specific dates when a customer or admin wants to schedule the order. Merchants can also offer different checkout methods such as shipping, store pickup and local delivery to their customers

This guide will walk you through Loop integration with Zapiet, covering details of the setup process and its benefits.

Contents of the article :

  1. What is Zapiet?
  2. Zapiet + Loop integration
  3. How does Zapiet Integration work?
  4. Integration prerequisites
  5. How does to integrate Zapiet with Loop?
  6. Merchant experience
  7. Customer experience
  8. Limitation
  9. Suggested reads
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What is Zapiet?

Zapiet allows merchants to offer exceptional flexibility and convenience to their customers through powerful and flexible tools. By Zapiet, you can give customers multiple ways to get their order by offering in-store pickup and local delivery.

You can restrict the dates for the customers to schedule and reschedule their orders. They can choose where and when they want their order delivered, or they can simply stop by your store and pick things up themselves while you manage it all within a single dashboard.

  • Add a date-and-time picker to your online store.
  • Easily manage delivery zones, rates, and order limits


Zapiet + Loop Integration

Checkout flow

Merchants will integrate Zapiet's calendar on the checkout which will display all the available slots for delivery. Customers will choose any of them basis their convenience.

Loop's system will auto-schedule the first and recurring order based on the first order shipping date and delivery frequency. Example: today is 21st Mar, and the customer purchases a weekly meal subscription with the first delivery scheduled on 25th Mar, then the next order will be scheduled on 1st Apr (25th Mar + 1 week)

Loop Admin Portal / Customer Portal

  1. With Zapiet and Loop integration, Merchants as well as their subscribers will only be able to select the allowed Zapiet dates via admin portal and customer portal respectively.
  2. The blackout dates and non-shipping dates set under Zapiet also gets disabled automatically in the reschedule calendar on admin portal and customer portal.
  3. Actions for Charge now, delay, reschedule, reactivation / resume or pause actions schedule remains as per the Zapiet calendar only. This ensure no orders lie on the non shipping or blackout dates. Subsequent orders will be shifted by the billing frequency as configured on the subscription.
  4. If any merchant has enabled anchor day on a particular selling plan, then the anchor day would be given priority over the Zapiet calendar.

Integration Prerequisites

  1. Make sure you have installed and set-up the Zapiet app on your Shopify store.
  2. In Loop, set your order schedule preferences to 'Order schedule based on delivery'. You can check this by heading over to your Loop app > Settings > Order schedule preferences > Order schedule based on delivery.

How to integrate Zapiet with Loop?

  1. Head over to Loop > Integrations > Categories > Delivery management > Zapiet and click on connect.
  1. Head over to Shopify > Zapiet > Settings > Shipping > Shipping settings and enable the "Date picker".

  2. Select the days of the week that you want to provide shipping to the customers.

  1. Head over to Loop app > Settings > Order schedule preferences and Check the option 'Handle first delivery / Pickup date.

    Enter the Shipping date, Local delivery and Pickup date field name and select the correct Date format.

    Note : This field name is received as order attributes via Zapiet. The field name Shown in the image are the default field names received via Zapiet. If you're on a custom set-up make sure to enter the correct field names and date format in which the attributes are received.

    Optional : You can add the delivery date order tag too for the first and recurring orders.

Merchant experience

The reschedule calendar on the subscription order page will have the non shipping and blackout dates disabled as per your Zapiet calendar.

Customer experience

The reschedule calendar on the customer portal will have the non shipping and blackout dates disabled as per your Zapiet calendar.


  1. If the zapiet configurations are changed, the order schedule for existing subscriptions is not updated as per the new configurations. For eg. if a blackout date is added, this setting will not get updated for existing subscribers but the future order schedule for new subscriptions will get created as per the new configurations.
  2. Under Dunning > Retry settings Zapiet calendar is not supported and the order can lie on blackout / non shipping day in-case of payment failure.

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