In this article, you'll learn how to integrate Klaviyo with Loop Subscriptions. Once you've connected your Klaviyo account, you'll be able to send Loop Subscription events on Klaviyo and trigger custom email flows and campaigns.

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About Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a powerful third-party app that Loop directly integrates with, allowing you to take your customer notifications to the next level. Klaviyo can be used to create transactional emails, create win-back campaigns for customers who cancel, or target customers who abandon their initial order.

Key features

  • Pool data from subscription events generated in Loop and trigger transactional email flows based on events like subscription purchased, upcoming order, payment failed, order skipped,
  • Segment your customers based on the Loop custom attributes like active subscriptions count, products subscribed, next order date, etc.
  • Create beautiful personalized emails for various subscription events using Klaviyo's pre-designed templates with drag & drop design tools.

Loop data synced with Klaviyo

Metric Filters: Loop Subscription events which are synced with Klaviyo and can be used to trigger Klaviyo email flows.

  • Loop Customer Account Activation
  • Loop Order Skipped
  • Loop Billing Attempt Failed and Last Retry Left
  • Loop Billing Attempt Failed and will be Retried
  • Loop Billing Attempt Failed
  • Loop Subscription Cancelled
  • Loop Subscription Started
  • Loop Subscription Expired
  • Loop Subscription Resumed
  • Loop Subscription Reactivated
  • Loop Subscription Paused
  • Loop Upcoming Order
  • Loop Order Processed
  • Loop Flow Completed
Customer Properties: Loop updates the subscription-related properties for Klaviyo profiles which can be used for customer segmentation and filtering. For example, customers having at least one active subscription.

Integration Statistics

Once you have connected the Klaviyo account successfully, you can see the integration statistics having details of Loop events synced in a particular time period and if there has been any error occurred.

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