Cancellation Flows Configuration

This guide will walk you through how you can configure cancellation flows on Loop. This guide will ensure that you are set up in the best way possible to reduce your cancellation rates.

What are Cancellation Flows?

As a merchant, retaining existing subscribers is crucial for maintaining a thriving customer base. Loop's cancellation flows, driven by the retention engine, empower merchants to minimize cancellations and boost the average number of successful orders per subscription. The efficacy of these flows can be tracked directly from the cancellation analytics dashboard on Loop.

How do I set it up?

  • Click on “Customer Portal > Cancellation Flows > Configuration

  • You'll see a few settings to properly configure your cancellation flows.

  • Cancellation button behaviour: This setting handles the configuration for what should happen when customers try to cancel their subscriptions.

  • Minimum orders criteria: This setting comes into action only when you have set minimum order conditions in the selling plans.

You can select here whether you want to allow customers to cancel even if minimum order criteria are not met or you can configure the messaging that is shown to the user when they attempt to cancel a subscription order before fulfilling the minimum order criteria for their subscription

  • Subscription benefits pages: This page pops up when the customer clicks on cancel subscription for the first time. You can customize it as per your need here. This is basically to highlight important subscription benefits which you feel customers should know before cancelling.

    You can also add an autoplay video here to show to your customers. Follow the below steps to do the same-

  1. Convert your video into .mp4 format if it is in any other file format.
  2. Go to your Shopify store > Content > Files > Upload files and upload your video here.
  3. Copy the link to this video from Files < Content < Shopify.
  4. Go to Loop > Customer Portal > Cancellation flows > Click on the code option and enter the below code with your video URL in src
<span class="fr-video fr-deletable fr-fvc fr-dvb fr-draggable fr-active" contenteditable="false"><video id="cancellationBenefitVideo" controls="" style="width: 90%; height: 90%;" class="fr-fvc fr-dvi fr-draggable"><source src="YOUR VIDEO URL" type="video/mp4"></video></span> 
  • Note- The page will not be shown if there is no description added.

  • Cancellation reasons & retention strategy: You can create customized cancellation options to reduce subscription cancellations by incentivizing customers to continue their subscriptions.

You can edit the pre-defined reasons here or you can add other reasons which suit your business.

On clicking "Edit", you'll be taken to the next page where you can customize these pre-built reasons.

Here you can select the options to show to the customer when they are persistent to cancel their subscription as a retention strategy.

The first option will just give them a dialogue box where they type the reason for their cancellation.

The second option, when selected, will show them a few options (maximum 3) to make them stay with the subscription. You can select the options from the list-

    • Delay subscription  - Ask the customer to delay the upcoming order instead of cancelling. Ideal in cases when the customer has already enough stock or is not available to receive shipment.
    • Skip the next payment  - Ask the customer to skip the upcoming order instead of cancelling. Ideal in cases when the customer has already enough stock or is not available to receive shipment.
    • Pause subscription  - Ask the customer to pause the subscription for some time instead of cancelling. Ideal in cases when the customer has already enough stock or is not available to receive shipment.
    • Swap product - Ask the customer to swap the products subscribed. Ideal in cases when the customer is not satisfied with the product quality or wants to try out other varieties or flavours.
    • Update delivery frequency - Ask the customer to update their delivery frequency as per their requirement. Ideal in cases when the customer does not want the product in the same intervals as before.

  • Change the “Custom message for cancellation options” to suggest better options available for that customer other than cancelling.

  • Change the “Custom message for cancellation confirmation” according to your needs and company values.

This feature of ours has helped many 9-figure brands reduce their churn rate by a considerable 20% -40%.

Don't believe us? Listen to it from them yourself here.

Cancellation offers

We have Multiple incentive flows to allow merchants to experiment with different types of discount configurations specific to different customer segments (based on the number of orders, spent and much more). Not only discounts, but merchants can also configure gifts for their customers.

Similar to flows, we allow merchants to configure conditional logic, from disjointed conditions to combinations. Regarding analytics, merchants would know how often each incentive flow is triggered and opted-in by the customers(Acceptance rate).

Learn how to set up cancellation offers here.

What do my customers see?

After entering the customer portal, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Cancel Subscription.” It will start the cancellation flow.

The benefits page is shown first to the customer - this can be configured on Loop > Cancellation > Cancellation Flows > Subscription benefits page

The customer will then be prompted to select the proper reason before the subscription may be cancelled.

Post selection the customer is presented with alternatives to prevent cancellation and if they choose to cancel the subscription, then the customer will be offered the discount incentive (if configured)

On this screen, the customer will have the choice of receiving a free gift or permanently cancelling their subscription. The customer can choose to accept or reject the offer. Rejecting will lead to the subscription being cancelled.

Cancellation Analytics

Cancellation Analytics provides valuable insights to merchants on their subscription cancellation rate. It also offers powerful cancellation workflows which can be configured to suggest alternative options to users when they try to cancel their subscriptions. It also enables the merchant to understand the reason why the subscription was cancelled.

To learn more about it, refer to this help article.

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