Configure subscription discounts in Shopify


Offering Discounts can be a powerful strategy to incentivize customers. To offer discounts, you can create discount codes, set up automatic discounts, or set sale prices for individual products. 

The core concept of discount is really simple and can be illustrated as follows

The original value of the product = 100$

Discount % offered = 10%

Final price of product = 100$ - 10% of 100$ => 90$

Types of discounts:

What does each setting mean?

You can update and manage existing discounts from the  Discounts page on Shopify. Here's what all the settings mean and the Configuring Discounts guide will walk you through how to set up your Discounts on Shopify.

  • Amount-off products: Applies a percentage/fixed amount discount on your product
  • Amount off order: Applies a percentage/fixed amount discount on your order
  • Free shipping: Allows for free Shipping as a Discount
  • Buy X get Y: A simple BOGO discount

Amount-off products:

This is a product-level discount.

  • Set up the method of discount as a discount code or as an automatic discount.

  • Next, select the value of the discount you want to provide as a percentage or a fixed amount. You can also select if you want to give a discount on specific collections or products.

  • Choose a minimum purchase requirement.

  • Choose the customers eligible for this discount.

  • You can limit the maximum usage limit for the code.
  • You can also set it to combine with any other type of discount you have set up.
  • Validity can also be set for this discount.

Amount-off orders

It has the same steps to set up as amount-off products.

Free shipping discount

It also has the same steps as the previous two but with an extra step to choose the region/country too.

Buy X get Y

Buy X get Y discounts are only supported with one-time purchases.

This function allows you to add a product automatically to the order either at a discounted price or for free.

The steps to set up are almost the same as previous 3 except for the main setting to select the products.

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