Customer Accounts Concierge

Customer Accounts Concierge can serve as the best app to increase customer lifetime value with a beautiful, engaging, and functional customer portal.

This guide will walk you through Loop integration with Customer Accounts Concierge, covering details of the setup process and its benefits.

What is Customer Accounts Concierge?

With Customer Accounts Concierge you can turn your customer account page from a generic page to a multi-functional customer dashboard. Some of the key features include:

  • Loyalty and Rewards program,
  • Wishlist,
  • Custom registration form,
  • Social login,
  • Reorder button

Why integrate with Customer Accounts Concierge?

By integrating with Customer Accounts Concierge, you can let your customers get a beautiful, engaging, and functional customer portal. It'll add a new navigation tab in your account that will link to the local Loop's Customer Subscriptions page.

What will the customers see?

Subscriptions tab on the customer account page will now link to Loop's Customer Subscriptions page.

How to set up Customer Accounts Concierge to work with subscription purchases?

To set up this integration just go to our Settings > Account Page > Integrations, select Loop Subscriptions, and enable its toggle. Then just click on the Save button on top to finish.

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