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What are Loop bundles?

Using Loop bundles, customers have the flexibility to select various products or variants and combine them into one bundle or box. These selected items will be delivered regularly at intervals chosen by the customer. After making a purchase, customers can easily adjust their box subscription details through our customer portal.

Check out our pre-made bundles available on our demo store here.

This article will guide you through all the essential aspects of bundles, including bundle installation and configuration.

Contents of the article

  1. What are the different types of bundles available?
  2. Installing bundle snippets
  3. Setting up bundle preferences.
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What are the different types of bundles available? 

Preset Fixed Bundles

With 'Preset fixed bundle' you can offer your customers a pre-selected set of items or variants. Once purchased, the contents of this bundle cannot be modified either during checkout or after purchase. It's an excellent option for those who trust in the curated selection provided and do not wish to make any changes. Learn more about Preset Fixed Bundles.

Build Your Own Bundle (BYOB)

With ‘Build Your Own Bundle’, you can empower your customers with the choice to build their own bundles from the list of products that you provide. This not only engages customers but also allows them to tailor their purchases to their specific needs. Plus, the ability to edit their bundles post-purchase through the customer portal adds a layer of flexibility, encouraging customer satisfaction and retention. Learn more about Build Your Own Bundles.

Each bundle type is crafted to meet different customer needs, ensuring that whether they want a set-it-and-forget-it package or a personalized selection, there's an option available for them.

Install Bundle Snippet

Bundle snippet is a critical piece of code designed to club bundle product items on the cart under a single bundle title rather than as individual line items. This is also necessary to ensure that customers don't end up with invalid bundle content by removing/adding individual bundle items from the cart.

The first step to publish your bundles is to install the bundle snippets.

You can head over to Bundles > Snippets to install the bundle snippets.

Note: This is a mandatory step to publish your Bundle.

1) The first step is to select the theme where you want to publish your bundle.

Note: Select the theme where you have already installed your Loop widget. If you haven't already installed the loop widget, here is a detailed article to help you install the Loop widget on your theme in no time!

2) The next step is to install the bundle snippets. Click on 'Install Bundle Snippet'.

This will create a loop_bundle.js file in your theme code.

3) The third step is to add a bundle cart snippet. Click on 'Add bundle cart snippet' to install. This will combine the bundle items into a single bundle product on your Cart page.

4) This step is optional. Only for those merchants for whom the bundle items are not clubbing together. This step will help you to determine the appropriate 'Cart item class' and 'Cart subtotal class' so that your bundle items are clubbed together properly.

Steps to find the appropriate class :

a) Open your Shopify store.

b) Add any subscription product to your cart.

c) Head over to the cart page and open developer tools by right-clicking and clicking on inspect.

d) Click on 'Element Selector' and search for the cart item and subtotal class. Please refer to the video below for your reference.

e) Once, you've found out the correct class. Enter both the correct classes under cart items class and cart subtotal class. Click on Save!

Setting up bundle preferences

Under Bundles > Preferences, you can find detailed explanations of the settings available for customizing the bundle experience on both the storefront and the customer portal.

Out-of-Stock Products - This setting controls how out-of-stock products are displayed on the bundle page. You can choose to show them as disabled to indicate their unavailability for selection, or you can choose not to show them at all.

Show Bundle Name in Order Line Items - When checked, the bundle name appears with each product line item in a bundle order. This helps customers and admins identify bundle items in the Shopify checkout and order admin page.

Show Selected Products - Enabling this preference displays added products by default. Otherwise, customers must click a button to view their added products.

Show Product Description Drawer - When enabled, this option displays a full product description in a drawer format when customers click on the product image. It gives customers more information without leaving the bundle page.

Bundle Discount Title - The title for discounts applied to bundle items will be displayed in the cart and at checkout for Preset fixed bundle items. This lets customers see the savings they're getting as part of their bundle selection.

These settings are designed to give you control over how bundles are presented and managed, ensuring a clear and user-friendly shopping experience for your customers.

Need Help?

No need to worry, please feel free to reach out to support@loopwork.co or ping us on chat by clicking the support beacon on the bottom right.


Loop Subscription Team.

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