Reschedule upcoming order

With Loop Subscriptions, you get the most powerful subscription editor allowing you to make any type of changes in an existing subscription whether it is related to product, billing, shipping or payment.

This guide will show you how you can reschedule a subscription order from the Loop Subscription App. 
Step 1: Go to Loop App -> Subscriptions-> Subscription ID -> Billing Schedule -> Reschedule 

Step 2: Under Billing Schedule click Reschedule 

Step 3: Choose a date from the date selector that opens after you click on Reschedule. 

Note that this will reschedule all the upcoming orders based on the billing interval specified in the selling plan

In this example, we've rescheduled the order from 25th May to 31st of May. Note how the subsequent orders are recalculated with new dates in accordance with the Rescheduled order 

If you have any queries or doubts about any of these steps. Please reach out to
Loop Subscription Team
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