Cancellation Workflows

This guide will walk you through on how you can reduce your cancellation rates by leveraging cancellation workflows on Loop. This guide will ensure that you are set up in the best way possible to reduce your cancellation rates

What are cancellation workflows ?

As a merchant, you would never want to lose your subscribers who are already using your product. Cancellation workflows by loop retention engine empowers merchants to reduce cancellations and increase average number of successful orders placed per subscription. The efficacy of these workflows can be tracked directly from the cancellation management dashboard on Loop .

How do I set this up ?

  • Step 1: Click on “Cancellation > Cancellation Flows” in the sidebar navigation, and scroll down to section “ Cancellation Reasons & Retention Strategy

  • Step 2: Click on the “Edit” button of the cancellation reason that you want to change.

  • Step 3 : Change the reason / Add a new reason as required, and then give it a name as per your choice.

  • Step 4 : Choose Show a comment (or) show options (max 3) that you want to suggest as an alternative action to the customer.
    • Delay subscription  - Ask the customer to delay the upcoming order instead of cancelling. Ideal in cases when the customer has already enough stock or is not available to receive shipment.
    • Skip next payment  - Ask the customer to skip the upcoming order instead of cancelling. Ideal in cases when the customer has already enough stock or is not available to receive shipment.
    • Pause subscription  - Ask the customer to pause the subscription for some time instead of cancelling. Ideal in cases when the customer has already enough stock or is not available to receive shipment.
    • Swap product - Ask the customer to swap the products subscribed. Ideal in cases when the customer is not satisfied with the product quality or wants to try out other varieties or flavors.
  • Step 4 : Change the “Custom message for cancellation options” to suggest better options available for that customer other than cancelling.
  • Step 6: change the “Custom message for cancellation confirmation” according to your need and company values.

Reduce Cancellation using Discounts

Incentivize customers to continue their subscription by providing smart cancellation discounts using custom rules and increase per subscriber revenue / reduce churn without any extra cost.

-> Link to Expanded Article on Cancellation Discounts

  • Step 1: Go to “ Cancellation discounts” section under Loop > Cancellation > Cancellation flows and click “Create New

  • Step 2: Configure the discount settings on the “ Cancellation discount configuration” page.

    ⇾ Link to a guide on Discount configurations

  • Step 3: Set up customer eligibility for availing cancellation discount incentives

  • Step 4: Configure maximum discount uses, i.e. - how many times the discount code is applicable per subscription / customer

  • Step 5: Choose when the discount incentive is shown to the customer.

  • Step 6: Configure the email notification that is sent to the customer when the discount is availed on a subscription. This is a full-blown HTML Supported editor that you can configure on a per-discount incentive basis.

Minimum orders criteria while cancelling 

If the selling plan is configured with a minimum order criteria, then the customers who have purchased the subscription can only cancel the subscription after the minimum order criteria is satisfied. You can configure the messaging that is shown to the user when they attempt to cancel a subscription order before fulfilling the minimum orders criteria for their subscription. This can be configured by heading to  Customer Portal > Cancellation flow > Minimum orders criteria

Here's a guide on how you can setup minimum / maximum order criteria on your selling plans.

The text that is configured on the Body section is what is shown to the customer when they attempt to cancel a subscription which has not satisfied the minimum order criteria.

What do my customers see?

After entering the customer portal, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Cancel Subscription.” As specified in the previous section, it will start the cancellation flow.

The benefits page is shown first to the customer - this can be configured on Loop > Cancellation > Cancellation Flows > Subscription benefits page

The customer will then be prompted to select the proper reason before the subscription may be cancelled.

Post selection the customer is presented with alternatives to prevent cancellation and if they choose to cancel the subscription still then the customer will be offered the discount incentive (if configured)

On this screen, the customer will have the choice of receiving a 10% discount on the further purchases or permanently cancelling their subscription. The customer can choose to accept or reject the offer. Rejecting will lead to subscription being cancelled.

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