Map products to selling plans

Once selling plans have been created we can proceed with mapping products to these selling plans. When a product is mapped to a selling plan, the product is made available to be purchased based on the options configured in the selling plan (eg, If a selling plan has 4 delivery frequencies then all the products would be available for all delivery frequencies.)

This article will walk you through -

How to map products to a selling plan?

The user can reach the map products screen in two ways -

  • When a selling plan is created, the user is taken directly to the map products screen

  • If the selling plan has already been created before, the user can use the Edit / Add products link that is shown next to the selling plans.

Click on “ Select Products”. Then select the products you want to map and click on “Add

That’s it :)


Can we add multiple products in a single selling plan?

Yes, we can add more than one product in a single selling plan. Go to Loop > Selling plans > Create / Edit selling plan > Add / Edit products

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