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Selling plans enable customers to subscribe to a product by giving them options for different billing frequencies like weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. These configurations are set up in the Selling Plans section of the app.

🚨💥 If you are using a 3rd-party app and then trying to explore Loop Subscriptions as well, it is possible that their widget will be showing our selling plans and create havoc.

This article will walk you through.

What are selling plans?

Selling plans are core to the subscription program. It enables you to set up things like how frequently customers would be billed, how frequently the product will be delivered, how much discounts to be offered to customers for enrolling into subscriptions, and so on.

These are set up by the merchant based on their requirements by going to Loop > Selling plans

As shown in the image below, selling plan groups are alternate purchase options to “One Time Purchase”. A single product can be mapped to multiple selling plan groups.

How to Set up a Selling Plan

Selling plans have a few major settings (configurations) that can be used to create a powerful subscription program as mentioned below. Based on the subscription model that you are trying to implement, the selling plan will be configured differently - Loop > Subscriptions > Selling Plans > Create selling plan

Learn about different subscription models

Edit selling plan

Under this, you can write the name of the selling plan that you want your customers to see on the store's UI when they look for subscription options for the product. It has three fields -

  1. Name: The selling plan name that will be displayed to customers on the product page
  2. Internal name: It's the same as the "Name" field but for internal purposes only, customers won't see this.
  3. Plan selector title: It's a message that will be displayed on the product page before the selling plan selector, like - Frequency, choose the delivery options, etc
  4. Priority: There might be more than one selling plan assigned to a particular product, so priority sets the order of the selling plan on the product page

As seen on UI -

Delivery frequency

This defines how frequently the customer would be delivered the product. You can define billing frequency based on days, weeks, and months. If you select say 2 weeks, then it would mean that product will be delivered once every 2 weeks.

Billing frequency

This defines how frequently the customer would be billed for the product. In most cases, customers are billed in the pay-per-go model; this means that they are billed once for every delivery.

However, in some cases, if you want to make an upfront payment for future orders, then you can also charge for four deliveries in one go. This type of subscription is called a prepaid subscription

Learn more about how to set up prepaid subscriptions


Discounts are powerful means to convert existing customers into subscribers. There are 3 types of discounts that can be configured on a selling plan:

Discount Type Description
Fixed amount Allows you to provide a predefined amount to give as a discount for this particular selling plan
Percentage Allows you to set a % as a discount for the selling plan
Price Sets the price of the products in the selling plan to the price defined here

Learn more about configuring discounts

Min & max billing cycles

Through this setting, you can define a minimum number of billing cycles before which a customer can cancel a subscription. Similar to the minimum setting, you can also define a maximum number of billing cycles. This setting is used to ensure customers don’t misuse subscription discounts & gifting subscription boxes where the customer wants to buy a subscription for a maximum of say 3 months.

Specific day billing

This feature enables you to bill all the subscribers on the same day. If the delivery frequency is weekly then you can choose a day of the week and if the frequency is monthly then you can choose a date of the month.

Learn more about discounts and same-day billing

Selling plan description

Use this field for writing promotional text to describe subscription benefits, discounts, cancellation policies, or anything else. Text added here shows up like this on your widget.


  • Can we remove the one-time purchase as a selling option in the store?

    You can remove the one-time purchase option and sell only as a subscription by enabling the settings from Shopify > Products > Purchase options. Please check this quick video tutorial for the same - sell only as a subscription

  • Can we configure multiple delivery/billing frequencies for a subscription product?

    Yes, you will have to configure the required delivery/billing frequencies in the selling plan to which that particular product is mapped. Go to Loop > Selling plans > Create / Edit selling plan > Add frequency

  • Can I offer more than one selling plan on a particular product?

    Yes, you can do that by creating multiple selling plans in the Loop app and adding that particular product to them. Go to Loop > Selling plans > Create / Edit selling plan > Add / Edit products

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