User permissions and Account log

User permissions specify what tasks users can perform and what features they can access. Account log gives a list of activities performed by users of your store. Combined, they give a complete picture of “who” can do “what” inside Loop admin, keeping your store secure from unintended actions and disruptions.

This feature is available under the Settings section for all users on Enterprise plan.

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  2. Users and permissions
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  3. Account log
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User roles

Loop offers three user roles with varying access levels:

  1. Owner: Has full access to all features and functionalities. Owners can manage Admin and Member users. This role is automatically assigned to the email address associated with your Shopify store.
  2. Admin: Enjoys full access and can manage permissions for Member users.
  3. Member: Has access to default permissions, with the option for Owner/Admin to grant additional permissions.

Users and permissions

User list

  1. This list shows each user's name, email, role, last activity time, and an "Edit" button.
  2. Users can be filtered based on their roles
  3. You can add users to give them access to Loop admin. For this, click on "Add user" button. You will be redirected to the Users and permissions page on Shopify.


  1. To control which users can access Loop, go to your Shopify, locate the Settings option on the left menu and select the Users and Permissions. Here you can add new users and manage access for current users.
  2. Loop cannot restrict users who have been given access to Loop app in Shopify. You will be able to manage permissions for all such users using the steps described here.

Permission settings

  1. To edit permissions for a user, click the "Edit" button. Only owner and admins can edit permissions.

  1. A new page displays the user details and role on the top, followed by permissions.
  2. You can change the role of a member to admin and vice versa.
    1. Permissions can not be edited for admin users

  1. You can add/remove a permission using the checkbox against a particular permission
  2. To change the desired level of access choose "View only" or "View & edit" from the dropdown menu
    1. Note: Certain permissions have only single access state (View only or View & edit)

  1. Once you have selected the desired permissions and level of access, click “Save”


  1. Members created before April 3rd, 2024 will have access to all permissions (other than permissions management) to ensure continuity of operations.
  2. Members created after April 3rd, 2024 will have read-only access to a limited set of permissions. Owner/Admin users can review and manage permissions as needed.

Account log

  1. This section enables you to track a record of user activities within Loop, including timestamps, usernames, actions performed, and brief descriptions.
  2. You can review activities for a specific date range and search for users by email address and specific activities.
  3. Logs can also be exported with the current set of filters using “Export” button.

Need help?

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