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This guide will walk you through Loyalty Lion’s integration with Loop, with details of the setup process and its benefits.

In this article :

  1. What is Loyalty Lion?
  2. Why Integrate Loop with Loyalty Lion?
  3. How do I set this up with Loop?
  4. How can my customers use the discount codes?

What is Loyalty Lion?

LoyaltyLion is a loyalty and engagement platform built to help Shopify brands increase repeat purchases with their own integrated loyalty programs that motivate shoppers with unique loyalty experiences. Customers have the ability to earn rewards for completing certain actions, and can then redeem those points with both experiential and financial rewards.

Key features of Loyalty Lion:

  1. Higher returning customer rate: Secure more second purchases by enrolling one-time shoppers into your loyalty program so they receive unique incentives that motivate them to return.
  2. Better retention: Retain customers more effectively with a customized loyalty program that sits naturally within your customer journey.
  3. Greater CLV: Improve CLV by giving members more opportunities to engage and unlock rewards that motivate their next purchase.

Why Integrate Loop with Loyalty Lion?

By integrating Loop Subscriptions with Loyalty Lion, you can reward loyalty points to your subscribers based on their order activity and let them redeem points by applying discount codes generated by Loyalty Lion on their subscriptions.

Key features:

  1. Make discount codes generated by Loyalty Lion compatible with Loop subscriptions.
  2. Increase subscription retention by allowing customers to redeem their loyalty points while placing subscription orders.

How do I set this up with Loop?

To integrate Loyalty Lion with Loop the merchant needs to have satisfied the prerequisites before going through with the integration on the app


  • You have an active Loyalty Lion account. If not, please create from here.

How to integrate Loop with LoyaltyLion

  1. Login to your LoyaltyLion account
  2. Click the Manage tab.

  3. On the left find Rewards and click Create new reward.

  4. Click on Discount.

  5. You will now be able to set the discount to work on One-Off Purchases, Subscription Purchases, or Both. Choose Subscription or Both, dependent on the strategy.

  6. You can also choose whether this discount will apply to only the first payment, multiple recurring payments, or all recurring payments.

  7. First Payment - This is Shopify Terminology and refers to a single subscription payment. Discount codes with this distinction can apply to any subscription order, not just the first.

  8. Save the Discount.
  9. Subscription codes created from this Discount Reward can then be used against subscriptions created by Loop.

How can my customers use the discount codes?

To use the discount codes generated by the Loyalty Lion rewards app. The Merchant needs to ensure the following prerequisites are met before their customers are able to apply the discounts on subscription contracts


  1. “Apply discounts” to be Enabled in Loop > Customer Portal > Preferences
  2. Customer should be able to access the Loop Customer Portal

Once the prerequisites are met, the customer can redeem the Loyalty Lion discount code directly from the customer portal, and then they can apply the discount code directly to the discount section on their subscription portal.

1. The customers need to visit your LoyaltyLion Rewards page and click Rewards.

2. The customer clicks the reward they would like to receive.

3. The customer redeems the reward.

4. The customer copies the reward code.

5. The customer pastes the reward code into the “Discount Code” field in the Loop’s Customer Portal and hits the Apply button.

No need to fret. We’re here to jump in and help you out. Reach out to us at  support@loopwork.co or feel free to ping us on chat by clicking the support beacon on the bottom right.


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