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This guide is intended for merchants/developers who are interested in implementing membership on their storefronts using Loop Subscriptions. We highly recommend requesting a developer’s support to implement this on your storefront.

  1. What is a Membership Subscription
  2. Implementing Memberships with Loop 
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What is a Membership Subscription?

Allow your customers to subscribe to a membership/loyalty club, which can be set up to offer subscribers a different experience in the store. For example - a member could have completely different pricing for all their orders placed in the store. This approach ensures repeat purchases, brand loyalty, and retention.

Implementing Memberships with Loop

This guide will walk you through all the configurations and setup that is required to implement Membership/VIP privileges using Loop subscriptions. This guide acts as a universal step that would help developers achieve the required results for a brand’s membership program.

  • Create a Membership Product on Shopify (This is a digital product).

This product will be purchased by users to have access to membership privileges on the storefront.

  • Create a Selling Plan on Loop and map the Product to the same
  • Set up Customer Tags on Loop to identify active/inactive subscriptions. These tags will be used later in storefront liquid to identify if the customer is a member or not
  • Note : “Update Tags” should be set to “After the billed period is over” to ensure that the customer is able to access their privileges even if they cancel in the middle of their cycle. They will be allowed access until their current billing cycle ends.
  • These customer tags can then be used in conditions that can be set up in the storefront’s liquid code. An example is shared below. The code on the storefront checks for the tag when the customer is logged in and if the tag is found we can run other pieces of code based on this condition.

Learn more about the customer object liquid on Shopify

Need help?

Our team is always here to help you out with anything. Please feel free to reach out to or leave a message on the chat icon, and we will get back to you at the earliest.


Loop Subscriptions Team 🙂

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