In this article, you'll learn how to integrate Sendlane with Loop Subscriptions. Once you've connected your Sendlane account, you'll be able to send Loop Subscription events on Sendlane and trigger custom Email/SMS flows and campaigns.

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About Sendlane

Sendlane offers a unified email and SMS marketing platform tailored for eCommerce businesses. With features like multi-channel automation, data-driven marketing, and hyper-targeted messaging, Sendlane empowers brands to create optimized customer experiences.

By integrating Loop Subscriptions with Sendlane, you can set up automations to send Emails/SMS messages to your subscribers to manage their subscriptions and run reactivation campaigns based on the subscri

Key features

  • Pool data from subscription events generated in Loop and trigger transactional email and SMS flows based on events like subscription purchased, upcoming order, payment failed, order skipped, etc.
  • Create personalized emails and SMS messages using pre-designed templates with drag & drop design tools
  • Measure opens, clicks, revenue generated, breakdown of generated revenue based on custom attributes, and provides trend reports, cohort analysis, and subscriber growth.

Loop data synced with Sendlane

Loop Subscription events which are synced with Sendlane and can be used to trigger Sendlane Automations are:
Event type Description
loop_subscription_created New subscription is created
loop_subscription_paused Subscription is paused
loop_subscription_resumed Subscription is resumed
loop_subscription_cancelled Subscription is cancelled
loop_subscription_reactivated Subscription is reactivated
loop_subscription_expired Subscription is expired
loop_order_upcoming Upcoming recurring order reminder
loop_order_skipped Order skipped
loop_order_out_of_stock Order delayed/skipped out of stock
loop_order_processed Order processed successfully
loop_order_partially_processed Order partially processed
loop_payment_attempt_failed_with_retries_left Payment failed with retries left
loop_payment_attempt_failed_last_retry_left Payment failed with only 1 retry left
loop_payment_attempt_failed Payment failed with no retries left
loop_payment_method_expiring_soon Payment method expiring
loop_flow_completed Loop flow executed successfully
loop_customer_activation Customer created subscription but have not created the customer account yet

Setting up Sendlane integration

To connect with Sendlane, please navigate to your Sendlane account and obtain the API V2 token and Custom Integration token.

Steps to generate API V2 token

  • In the Sendlane side menu, click on the Account option and then click on API
  • In the Sendlane API V2 section, click on +API Token CTA
  • Enter the token name eg. Loop subscriptions and click on the Create button.
  • In the next window, you will be shown the API token value. Click on the Copy API Token button and paste it in the API V2 token field given below.

Steps to generate Custom Integration token

  • In the Sendlane side menu, click on the Integrations option and then click on Connect CTA in the Custom integration card.
  • Click on the Configure CTA to continue the process.
  • In the Integrations window, click on “+ Setup Integration” CTA and click on Continue button to create the custom integration.
  • Next, you would need to click on the Gear icon to open a side drawer and copy the token value shown at the top.
  • Paste the copied token in the Custom Integration Token field given below.

Check out the images shown below, we've highlighted example API key and Integration token.

Steps to generate API V2 key

Steps to generate Custom Integration token

Steps to connect your Sendlane account with Loop

1) Go to Loop > Integrations. From categories select email > and Click on connect under Sendlane.

2) Click on Set-up instructions

3) Under set-up instructions, enter the API V2 Key and Customer Integration token Value and click on Connect.

Integration statistics

Once you have connected the Sendlane account successfully, you can see the integration statistics having details of Loop events synced in a particular time period and if there has been any error occurred.

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