Discount incentive on cancellation

What is a Discount Incentive

A discount incentive offered to a customer while they attempt to cancel their current subscription can be a useful tool for businesses to retain customers and prevent churn. When a customer expresses a desire to cancel their subscription, it may be due to dissatisfaction with the product or service, a lack of perceived value, or simply a change in their circumstances or priorities.

With Loop, you can set up an Incentive to offered only when a customer chooses certain cancellation reasons. Granular customizations are also provided to the merchant to be able to fine tune the discount offering to their liking.

Where can I find this

You can find this by heading over to Loop > Customer Portal > Cancellation flows > Cancellation discounts

Merchant needs to be on GROWTH plan or above to use this feature.

How do I set this up

  1. Start by creating a discount on the “Cancellation Discounts” screen

  2. Add a title for your discount and give it a value. In this example, I have used “10% Off” for the title and 10% for the value, respectively.

  3. In the “Customer eligibility” section, you can choose to show this discount only to a specific group of customers based on a condition of your choosing. The table below goes into more detail about each condition.

Condition Description
Customer tag Checks if the specified customer tag is present on the customer or not
Total orders Total orders placed on store by the customer as provided by Shopify
Total spend Total spend by customer on store as provided by Shopify
Total subscription orders Total subscription orders processed by Loop at a customer level
Total subscription spend Total spend by customer on subscriptions at a customer level
Total specific subscription orders Total subscription orders processed by Loop for the subscription for which the cancellation is attempted
Total specific subscription spend Total subscription spend on Loop for the subscription for which the cancellation is attempted
  1. Configure “Maximum discount uses” for the cancellation discount being set up. There are multiple options here that you can choose from based on your requirements

  2. Finally, setup for which reasons you would like to show the discount option to your customers. The message to show is HTML supported, and you can add your message here as per your requirement.

Note that the customer will only see the discount for the cancellation reasons that you have specified the discount to be available for.

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