Product Swapping using Loop Flows

This guide will walk you through setting your products to auto-swap after X orders.

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What is product swapping?

When Product A is replaced with Product B in a subscription, we call it a Product Swap. By using Loop Flows, the merchant is able to set this swapping to happen automatically. We are illustrating how the product swapping works using a graphic.

Here’s a real-life example of a brand that has used Product Swapping creatively to enable their customers to subscribe to the product’s accessories thereby enabling higher LTV using subscriptions. In this case, the customer purchases the machine (scrubber) but is subscribed to an accessory (brushes) which is delivered every 3 months.

Set up product swapping using flows

  • Step 1: Access the loop flows UI by going to Loop > Flows.

    Step 2: Click “Create Flows” and give a name to your flow - “Product Swap”

    Step 3: Set the "When" condition (trigger event) choose from either option based on your requirement. We are using a 'New Subscription' created for this example

    1. Subscription created -> When this option is selected, the flow is triggered every time a new subscription is created
    2. Order processed -> When this option is selected, the flow can be configured to trigger after X orders.
    3. Products modified -> When this option is selected, the flow will be triggered when there is a modification in products of a subscription.

Learn more about When conditions here

  • Step 4: Set the IF condition (Add conditions). These conditions allow you to narrow down the flow to either on the basis of subscription or on the basis of product or on the basis of customer.

Learn more about IF conditions in Flows

You can add more than one condition here.

Note: In this example, we will be using Product in subscription and then Successful order count

The second condition can only be added If the When trigger is set to “A recurring order is successfully placed”. If not - this step can be skipped

  • Step 5: Select Add condition and choose Product in subscription, then select the product that you want this flow to affect.
  • Step 6: Add the second condition - Successful order count, select the number of orders after which you would like the product swap to happen.
  • Step 7: Under the Then section, click on Add action. This section allows you to configure actions which are to be taken once the IF condition is achieved
  • Step 8: Select Add Action and then choose Swap Product

  • Step 9: Choose the old product and the new product you want to swap in the subscriptions.

  • Step 10: Save the flow

These steps ensure that you set up loop flows to swap Product A with Product B after X orders. In this case, Product A is "Creatine" whereas Product B is "Whey Protein"

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