Subscription Models

This guide will walk you through some common types of Subscriptions with an example for each and details of the setup process on Loop.

These are just some types of subscriptions you can set up and get started with on Loop.

Standard Subscription

These are the simplest and standard forms of subscriptions available. Your customer subscribes to your product and service and it gets delivered to them at frequent intervals say every 2 weeks or one month, and you get paid with the same frequency.

–> Setup Standard Subscriptions on your store

–> Check out an example of a Standard Subscription

Prepaid Subscription

IMPORTANT : Please be informed that as of December 18, 2023, the option to create prepaid selling plan has been temporarily suspended as we are soon coming up with our new Prepaid 2.0 experience. Any existing merchant already using Prepaid, will continue to have access for the same without any disruption.

In a Prepaid subscription, the user will have to make the payment upfront before availing the product or the service. Prepaid subscriptions can be set up to be delivered weekly/monthly/yearly but billed once every few cycles. For example, Amazon Prime membership is a prepaid subscription. You have to make the payment upfront, and then the product/service gets delivered based on the delivery interval.

–> Setup Prepaid Subscriptions on your store

–> Check out an example of a Prepaid Subscription

Gift Subscription

Gift subscriptions are the kind of subscriptions where your customer can buy or subscribe to any product or service for a friend or a dear one. The gift subscription is an extension of Prepaid Subscriptions where the customer is essentially purchasing this subscription for someone else but paying by themselves. These subscriptions are usually set up to expire after a predefined number of orders. 

–> Setup Gift Subscriptions on your store

–> Check out an example of a Gift Subscription

Build a Box

Using the Build a Box type of subscription, the user has the ability to pick and choose multiple products you want to subscribe to and add them all to a bundle (or a box!). These products are then delivered to the customer weekly or monthly or as and when the subscription gets renewed.

–> Guide to setup Build a Box

–> Check out a few examples of Build a Box

Trial Subscriptions

In a trial subscription, the user is given a product or a service for a trial period. They aren’t charged anything during this interval, only after the predefined interval, the user will be charged.

–> Guide to setup Trial Subscription

–> Examples of Trial Subscriptions

Subscription Journey

Subscription journeys are personalized subscriptions, where the user has a customized journey, and the products sent vary in each delivery. This can be implemented to improve customer retention by offering free products after X subscription orders.

–> Guide to setting up Subscription Journeys

–> Examples of subscription journey using Loop flows

Membership Subscription

Allow your customers to subscribe to a membership/loyalty club which can be set up to offer subscribers a different experience in the store. For example - a member could have completely different pricing for all their orders placed in the store. This approach ensures repeat purchases, brand loyalty and retention.

Please reach out to us at to have this set up on your Shopify store.

–> Learn more about Specific Day Billing and Changing billing and delivery schedule .

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