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With Loop Subscriptions, you get an insanely customizable and personalizable customer portal designed with smartphones in mind. Fast, responsive and quick are surnames of our customer portal!

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Make Managing Subscriptions Accessible

The best customer experience is the one that is most accessible to the customer. Using this article, you can learn how to make your Loop customer portal more accessible than ever!

Source Description
From Login Page Enable a Passwordless/OTP-less login from the Login page. Enables your customers to manage their subscriptions without creating an account
From Customer Account Enable one-click login to Loop Customer Portal from the account section in your store.
From Thank You Page Enables a link to manage subscriptions from the Thank You page on the store.

Define Customer Actions

With Loop’s configurable customer portal, you can enable/disable actions that your customers can take from their portal with the touch of a button. Make the experience self-serve and reduce customer tickets regarding subscription management!

Option Description
Pause/Resume Allow, your customers to Pause/Resume their subscriptions from the customer postal cancel
Reactivate Subscription
Allow customers to Reactivate their subscription from the customer portal
Skip/Unskip Order Allow your customers to skip the upcoming scheduled order
Place order Allows the customer to place the upcoming subscription order whenever they require, by themselves.
Upsell Products  Upsell products to your customers to be added as one-time/subscription to their existing subscriptions
Change Quantity Allow your customers to modify the quantity in their subscription orders
Swap Product Enable your customers to swap one product for another
Reschedule Order Allow the customer to reschedule their upcoming order to any date of their choosing
Edit Delivery Schedule Allow the customer to edit the billing/delivery schedule
Apply Discounts
Enable your customers to apply/use discount codes on subscription orders directly from their customer portal
Create Subscription
Allow customers to create new subscriptions directly from the customer portal.
Update Shipping Address Enable your customers to update the shipping address for their subscriptions by themselves
Merge Subscriptions A powerful tool when enabled allows your customers to save on shipping costs by merging multiple subscriptions into one.

Reduce cancellations using cancellation workflows

A powerful feature, when set up correctly, helps reduce and prevent voluntary subscription churn by understanding cancellation behavior and by suggesting other actions instead to your customers.

Option Description
Cancellation button behavior Configure what should happen when customers try to cancel their subscription
Minimum orders criteria Configure what message needs to be shown when customers try to cancel subscriptions before the minimum orders have been placed by the customer. This is only needed if you have set minimum orders condition in the selling plans
Subscription benefits pages
Create a subscription benefits page shown to customers when they try to cancel their subscriptions. Super powerful to highlight the benefits of subscriptions!
Cancellation Reasons & Retention Strategy
Create customized cancellation options to reduce subscription cancellations by incentivizing customers to continue their subscriptions.
Discount Incentive on Cancellation Workflows
Reduce churn by offering your customers an additional discount when they attempt to cancel their subscription.

Personalize your Customer Portal

We provide extensive customization options to help you personalize your customer portal to match the look of your brand. Every single element’s colors can be modified to your heart’s content.

You can find these configurations under Loop > Customer Portal > Styles.

Loop Upsell Engine 

Upsell in subscriptions refers to the practice of offering additional products or services to a customer who has already subscribed to a product or service. This can be a way for businesses to increase revenue by convincing existing customers to upgrade or add on to their current subscription.

Loop provides a powerful upsell section which allows you to offer powerful upsell / cross-sell options with granular customizations to drive revenue and provide value to the customer.

-> Learn how to set up and configure the Upsell section on Customer

Localize every piece of text

With Loop, you can write your text your way. This means that you can tweak anything that appears in front of your customer on their portal in your language or localization. This applies to every piece of information on the customer portal!

You can find these settings under Loop > Customer Portal > Translations.

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