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This section details unique features and powerful features on Loop that will help you scale up your subscriptions and offer a unique experience for your customers!

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Increase Subscriptions

These features are built to help you increase and scale up your subscriptions.

Feature Description
Customizable Subscription Widget The subscription widget is the first point of interaction for your customers. Make it special with Loop’s insane customization options
Loop Flows Use Loop flows to gamify your subscriptions, bring more value to your customers and drive retention. Eg, Add a free gift to your customer’s 4th order.
Subscription Tags Supercharge your marketing efforts and take targeting to the next level by leveraging Subscription tags on Loop

Reduce Cancellations

Be on top of your subscription cancellations and revenue metrics with these powerful features built right into Loop. Understand your subscribers and take action to reduce cancellations.

Feature Description
Cancellation Analytics Understand cancellation behavior and set up cancellation flows to reduce churn
Dunning Management Reduce involuntary subscription churn by setting up automated dunning rules and proactive alerts.

Simplify everyday operations

Free up your schedule and save time by employing these powerful automation, tools and integrations built into Loop to your advantage. Put yourself out there while our app takes care of the heavy lifting for you!

Feature Description
Automation We have developed powerful automations within Loop to enable automated price updation for Products and Shipping.
Reporting Powerful data exporting utility built right into Loop to sate all your data needs!
Inventory Management Never worry about going out of stock. Setup Inventory Management to manage how subscriptions should be billed in case of no inventory
Specific Day Billing Own your Inventory and Subscription orders by ensuring that all your subscriptions get billed on the same day
Action History Never miss any action taken on your subscriptions and keep track of changes by using Action History
Integrations Leverage the Loop Subscriptions ecosystem of powerful 3rd party plugins to create the best subscription experience for your customers.

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