Customer Migration

If you are coming from a non-Shopify platform then you can enter it into a customer CSV file, and then import the CSV file into your Shopify admin. You can also use the customer CSV template to build a new customer list. Things that are covered in this article are 

You can only import customer CSV files that are 1 MB or smaller. To get around this restriction, you can use multiple CSV files to import your customer profiles.

Exporting Customer Data 

The steps to migrate customer data will vary based on your current platform. We would need to import customers from the subscription platform into Shopify. Here are guides for a few platforms that you can follow to export your customer data.

Here are guides to exporting customer data from popular eCommerce platforms

BigCommerce Link to Guide
Woo Commerce Link to Guide
Commercetool Link to API docs
Squarespace Link to Guide
CrateJoy Link to Guide

Importing Customer Data

Basic customer data like name, email, and address can be easily imported using Shopify’s native import tool available on the customer’s page in your Shopify account. This step is a prerequisite to payment migration. You can find this setting under Shopify > Customers > Import  

--> Learn more about how to Import customer details to Shopify

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