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This article will serve as an overview of the whole migration process and the steps that you will need to follow to migrate from your current platform to Loop. After following this guide, you will be able to manage and update these subscriptions inside the Loop Subscriptions app


Here are a few things that you are required to have before we proceed further with this guide

  1. A valid Shopify merchant account
  2. Installed the Loop Subscriptions app on the Shopify store.
  3. Access to a supported payment processor (eg. Stripe, Authorize.net, etc.) to download the relevant data. The account needs to be active as the migrated subscriptions will continue to be processed by the payment processor.
  4. Access to the platform or app from which you want to migrate the subscriptions.
  5. Satisfy Shopify’s eligibility criteria for subscriptions.
  6. Should be live with the Loop Subscription widget on the store. If not, check our getting started section for the setup process!

Please  ensure that all the prerequisites are met before going through the next steps. The subscription app migration process will vary based on the platform that you are migrating from. We will be covering all these specifics in linked articles.

Migrate from Legacy Subscription Platforms (Recharge Legacy, Bold V1)

Migrating from these Legacy Providers to Loop is a smooth and simple two-step process. Our expert migration team is here to help during every step of the process. 

Platform Description
Recharge Legacy Migrating from Recharge Legacy is straightforward, and the linked guide details the whole process. Making use of the Export Functionality in the app, we can get the required data directly from the app itself.
Bold V1 Migrating from Bold V1 is also simple as the migration export is provided by the Bold Migrations team. The linked guide will walk you through the exact steps in greater detail.

Learn what makes us the best Recharge Alternative in the market.

Migrate from Native Shopify Platforms (Appstle, Skio ...)

Migrating from Native Shopify Platforms is easier and faster as the Payment Details are already present in Shopify's backend and can be accessed by Loop Team using API calls. We only need to focus on obtaining the subscription data export from these platforms.

--> Migrate Subscriptions to Loop  

If you’re already on a Native Shopify Subscription app, there is no need to migrate the payment data since it’s already present in Shopify itself

–> Learn more about Customer Migration and Payment Migration.

Migrate from Non-Shopify platforms 

When migrating from platforms like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc. We also need to migrate the customer details from said platform to Shopify. Each platform has its own way of providing an export of the customer details and is covered in guides linked in the table below. This customer data is then imported to Shopify. 

Listed below are the three steps in the order 

  1. Customer Migration
  2. Migrating Payments
  3. Subscription Migration

Suggested Reads

Here are a few articles that you may find helpful, and we suggest you go through the same 

  1. Manual Subscription Migration
  2. Manual Payment Migration

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it usually take for the whole process?
–> The actual technical migration takes less than 3 seconds to migrate a subscription

Is there any fee/extra costs for migrating my subscriptions?
–> No, we don't charge anything extra for the migration process. It is completely free and a white-gloved experience

Can I migrate my subscriptions myself?
–> Yes, we have a built-in migration utility in the app which allows you to do the migration yourself

Do my customers need to do anything during the migration process?
–> No, there is nothing that your customers have to do on their end. They won’t even notice the switch 🙂

Should I set up integrations before or after migration?
–> Please ensure that your integrations are set up before going live on the store/migration. This is to ensure that all subscription-related events are sent to the integrated app.

Is it necessary that I have to use one of the supported payment providers?
–> Yes, as a native subscription app we only support the payment providers which are supported by Shopify for subscriptions. Check Shopify’s list of eligible payment providers for more details. Please reach out to us to confirm whether your platform is supported or not.

Which platforms are supported for subscription migration?
–> Legacy platforms like Recharge and Bold are supported. We also support migrating from any Shopify subscription app as long as they are able to provide us with the required data!

If you'd like to learn more about how to migrate your subscriptions-  click here to block a time with us. If you have any queries or doubts about any of these steps. Please reach out to support@loopwork.co.

Loop Subscription Team

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