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At Loop Subscriptions, we help D2C merchants increase their revenues by making subscription management a piece of the cake.

Follow these steps and you’ll get Loop Subscriptions up and running in no time.

  • By the end of step 3: You’ll be up and running with Subscriptions
  • By the end of step 7: Your customers will be smiling and your team will be more productive

In this article, we'll walk you through the following:

What are subscriptions?

Subscription is a powerful tool to improve customer repeat rates. When a customer subscribes to a product or service, their card details are saved by Shopify and they are billed automatically based on the billing frequency defined in the selling plan.

The benefit of a subscription is that instead of buying one product multiple times and going through the entire checkout process, again and again, your loyal buyers can just subscribe to your product and get it delivered to them automatically at frequent intervals, say every month or every week.

Types of subscriptions

There are several different types of subscription models that you can implement with Loop. Here’s a table with links to guides that will get you set up on anything of your choosing

Subscription type Description
Autoship subscription
The customer can purchase a product with a recurring frequency and the product will be auto-shipped.
Prepaid subscription
A prepaid subscription allows the customer to make a single payment upfront for goods or services that will be delivered on a repeat basis.
Gift subscription
An extension of a prepaid subscription where a customer pays upfront for a set duration which is usually gifted to a friend/loved one
Membership subscriptions
Customers can subscribe to a membership/loyalty club which offers subscribers a different experience in the store.
Subscription journey
Subscription journeys are personalized subscriptions, where the user has a customized journey, and the products sent vary in each delivery.
Trial subscriptions
Customers can test out the product for a set duration before being billed recurringly
Build a box
Provide choice to your customers by allowing them to build their own bundle and subscribe to it

Setting up subscriptions on Loop

The first step is to install the app on your Shopify store. Installed yet? If not, click here.

After this, there are just three steps to get you started on your subscription journey. These steps will guarantee that you will be up and running with subscriptions in your store.

Step name Description
Create selling plans Subscription plans determine how frequently customers would be billed, how much discount to be offered to customers for purchasing subscriptions, and more.
Map products to selling plans Map a product to the selling plan and make it available to subscribe at the set frequencies
Installing the loop widget Installs the widget on your store so that your customer can see and purchase a subscription
Troubleshooting widget issues Check this guide out when even the best automatic installers fail

Based on the subscription type that you are looking for - the first step would vary to accommodate the different settings.

Configure subscription settings

We have several settings that you can set up and configure to utilize the full potential of our app.

Setting Description
Discounts Configure & set subscription discounts to incentivize your customers to choose a subscription
Shipping Offer free/flat rate shipping only for subscription products
Subscription tags Tags allow you to segregate subscribers on Shopify and pinpoint your marketing efforts
Global billing hour Improve your logistics and backend tasks by ensuring that all subscriptions are billed at the same time every day
Automation Save time by automating shipping & price changes across subscriptions
Inventory management Never worry about going negative inventory and handle out-of-stock situations automatically for subscription billing

Provide the best subscriber experience

With these settings, you can ensure that your subscribers are given the best possible experience while managing their subscriptions. Own your subscriptions by adding your personal touch to the entire experience!

Setting Description
Customer Portal Enable your customers to self-serve their requirements and customize the customer portal to match your vibe
Customize subscription widget design Personalize your subscription widget to make it unique to your style and help convert more customers to subscribers
Email notifications Fully customizable and configurable email alerts to notify both admins and customers
Loop flows A powerful feature-packed utility to create a unique subscriber journey. Configure actions to take place automatically based on triggers that you choose.

Reduce subscriber churn

Loop helps you reduce and prevent subscription churn with the help of some powerful features that can be configured in the app.

Setting Description
Cancellation management Understand cancellation behaviour and set up cancellation flows to reduce churn
Dunning management Reduce involuntary subscription churn by setting up automated dunning rules and proactive alerts.

Integrate your favorite apps

Loop makes all your tools work better by letting you integrate industry-leading software and apps with Loop.

Platform Description
Klaviyo Create personalized email flows and campaigns based on the customer data generated in Loop.
Attentive Send SMS updates and personalized text campaigns based on Loop subscription events.
Gorgias Deliver great customer service by syncing Loop subscription data to your Gorgias account.
Google Analytics Send recurring order transactions and subscription-related events on your Google Analytics account.
GemPages Install and customize the Loop subscription widget for your GemPages templates.
Pagefly Install and customize the Loop subscription widget for your PageFly templates.

Moving from another platform?

If you already have experience with a subscription platform and you’re considering Loop as an alternative to Recharge, Bold & others. We’ve got you covered there as well with our exhaustive guides detailing the whole process in great detail.

We ensure a smooth white-gloved migration experience for our customers for free. Reach out to us at to migrate your subscribers!

Learn more about Migrations


  • Can I offer gift subscriptions for my customers using Loop?

    Yes, customers can gift subscriptions to their friends & family, where the subscription is paid fully in advance and can be configured to auto-expire after a set number of orders. To know more about this, please check out this article - gift subscriptions

  • Can we offer a one-time bundle / build-a-box sale?

    You can offer bundle subscriptions using Loop, where the user can pick and choose multiple products/variants that they want and add them all to a single bundle (or a box). To know more about this, please check out this article - bundle subscriptions

  • How can I offer only-members-type experiences to my subscribers, like special discounts, sales only available to them, early access, etc?

    You can allow your customers to subscribe to a membership/loyalty club which can be set up to offer subscribers a different experience in the store. For example - a member could have completely different pricing for all their orders placed in the store. This approach ensures repeat purchases, brand loyalty, and retention. To know more about this, please check out this article - membership subscriptions

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