Migrating Subscriptions

Migrating subscriptions from one platform to another is an automated process followed and performed by the Loop team. Please reach out to us at migrations@loopwork.co for a smooth and white-gloved migration experience.

There are two approaches that a merchant can take to migrate their subscriptions. These are covered in the article in detail


Here are a few things that you are required to have before we proceed further with this guide

Note: If you are trying to migrate from a different platform to Shopify. Please reach out to us and link us with your payment provider to check if a payment migration is possible

–> Learn more about Shopify’s Eligibility requirements for Native Subscriptions

White glove migration by the Loop team

Reach out to us at migrations@loopwork.co to have your subscriptions migrated by our professional team of migration experts who ensure that our customers are ensured a white-gloved, stress-free experience. All that is needed would be a data export from the platform that you are migrating from, and we will take care of the rest.

Our migration team converts the platform-specific data into the form that is used at our end. Here's an example CSV of the format that we use for our migration process.

Note: We provide free migration for any brand which is on the GROWTH plan and above

–> Learn more about Prerequisites for migrating to Loop and Customer Migration.

Migrating Subscription

The merchant can choose to manually migrate their subscriptions from other platforms to Loop using the inbuilt utility. This facilitates the migration process by allowing you to create the subscription contract manually on the platform.

There is just one prerequisite to using the manual subscription creation utility. At least one subscription-compatible payment method must be present on Shopify. 

[Guide to check if a compatible payment method exists in Shopify]

If a compatible payment method is not present, then you can use the inbuilt payment migration utility to migrate payment details to Shopify from supported payment providers 

This method is best suited when you have less than 50 subscriptions on your previous platform

–> Learn more about how to Create a Subscription Manually on Loop

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Need help?

No need to fret, we’re here to jump in and help you out. Reach out to us at support@loopwork.co or feel free to ping us on chat by clicking the support beacon on the bottom right.

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