Inventory Management

What is Inventory Management

Inventory management helps you identify and handle out-of-stock situations. By tracking the available quantity of products from Shopify, we have built features using which you can set rules and conditions in Loop that help you automate what happens to subscriptions with products that are out of stock.

Using a combination of Inventory Forecast from Reporting and Out of stock handling on Loop. The merchant can always stay updated on their subscription stock requirements for all their products and automatically handle out-of-stock situations!

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Do you know where you can find these settings?

You can access these settings by heading to the  Loop App > Settings > Inventory

Situations & Available actions

The screenshot here highlights use cases and the available options for each use case. The merchant can choose between these options based on how they would like to handle their out of stock

Situation Description Available Actions
When at least one item is available
This setting will apply when a subscription order has atleast one item which can be fulfilled.
  • Allow the complete subscription order to be placed
  • Allow partial billing
  • Delay the complete subscription order
  • Skip the subscription order

When no items are available
These settings will apply when all items of the subscription order are not available or in low inventory.
  • Allow the complete subscription order to be placed
  • Delay the complete subscription order
  • Skip the subscription order

Which option should I select?

With these options available to the merchant they can choose how to handle their out-of-stock situations based on how they want to handle such situations. The options are explained below.

  • Allow the complete subscription order to be placedThis setting allows the complete subscription order to be placed regardless of the current inventory state. This might lead to negative inventory if the current stock value is already zero
  • Allow partial billingOnly available items will be shipped as per the scheduled delivery date, and non-available items will be skipped. Partial billing is not supported for prepaid orders currently.
  • Delay the complete subscription orderThis setting delays the complete order and retries it after a specific number of days. This retry period can be set in the app and the complete order will be tried till the items are back in stock again.
  • Skip the subscription orderThis option, if chosen, will skip the entire subscription order when the selected use case occurs for a subscription. 

Facing issues?

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