Manual Payment Migration

The Manual Payment Migration utility built into Loop Subscriptions allows you to manually migrate your customer's payment methods from a supported payment processor to Shopify. This guide covers how to use this utility to migrate customer payment methods.


Before proceeding with the manual migration utility, please ensure that the following conditions are met

  • The payment gateway has to be connected to Shopify
  • If using stripe, ensure that stripe is connected to Loop/Shopify as a legacy payment gateway
  • Export from a supported payment provider

Using the Payment Migration Utility

  • Step 1: Go to Loop App > Settings > Migrate Customers and Payment Methods

  • Step 2: Select the payment provider that you are migrating from and connect the same to your Shopify store. The utility currently supports Authorize, Stripe, PayPal Express
  • Step 3: Under Migrate customers and payment methods choose Select Existing Customer.

  • Step 4: Choose the customer to that you want to migrate the Payment Methods for
  • Step 5: Enter the customer token and the payment token for your customer from the export
  • Step 6: Click Save Customer to save/migrate the payment details for that particular customer.

Note: There is no Bulk payment migration action available through the inbuilt utility. If you have a long list of customers to be migrated, please reach out to us at

Loop Subscription Team

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