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Subscription Tags are a powerful feature which helps merchants to segregate the subscription orders and customers from the normal one-time purchasers using tags. These tags can then be used as a filter parameter in other apps or in Shopify to create powerful segments for your marketing campaign.

This guide will help you in setting up these tags in your store.

Where can you set this up on Loop?

These settings can be found at Loop App > Settings > Subscription Tags

There are two types of tags which can be set up on Loop.

  • Customer Tags
  • Order Tags

Set up Customer Tags

The merchant has the ability to enable Customer Tags. These tags are added to your customers' basis on their subscription status.

Here’s a table which showcases what each of these options does.

Option Description
Active Subscriber Tag Sets an Active Subscriber tag for the customer who has at least one Active Subscription
Active Subscriber Tag with product info Sets an Active subscriber tag with the product information subscribed by the customer. In case of multiple products subscribed, multiple tags will be added with one tag added for each product
Inactive Subscriber Tag Sets an Inactive Tag for Customers who no longer have any active subscriptions
Update Tags Choose when to update customer tags when a subscription is paused, cancelled or expired

Order Tags

These tags are set for the orders placed on Subscriptions. These can be utilized by other apps and also for internal purposes.

This table outlines what each of the options under this section does.

Option Description
Subscription Order Tag All subscription orders will have this tag added
First Subscription Order Tag The first order of each subscription will have this tag added

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