Trial Subscriptions

With Loop Subscriptions, you get the most powerful subscription plan creator and toolkit, which will allow you to craft your Subscriptions to your liking. In this guide, we will be discussing in detail Trial Subscriptions and how you will be able to implement them yourself.

What are Trial Subscriptions

A trial Subscription means a Subscription offered to you on a temporary basis often at a reduced rate. A Trial Subscription will be offered for a limited period of time as defined when the trial is offered. For example, websites and apps usually provide a trial period of 30 days to test their product out, after which you will be required to bill to continue using the product further.

Loop subscription allows you to set up Trial Subscriptions on your store with ease. There are two methods to do this using Loop.

Using Dynamic Discounts

Using the discounts feature in Loop, you can configure the discounts in your selling plan so that the first cycle is given to the customer at a reduced rate. After which the pricing is increased or brought back up to the original price.

To configure this, first, go to Loop App → Selling Plans → Edit/Create a Selling Plan

Here we have configured the selling plan to give a 100% discount. After this, ensure that the “ Change discount after specific number of payments?” is checked

In this case, after the initial order, we have chosen to have no discount on the product. Thereby offering the product at the full price. Essentially, creating a Trial Subscription for a period of 7 Days using Custom Discounting. You can change these values to your liking to offer the type of trial you’d want to provide for your users.

Using Loop Flows


  • Create two of the same product. One is called trial → Priced at $0 for this example and another normal variant is priced at $99 in this case.
  • Configure a selling plan and map the products to the selling plan with the same billing frequency.

Once this is done. You can start configuring Loop flows to offer trial subscriptions.

Note that Loop flows is part of the ENTERPRISE plan.

The flows feature works based on Triggers and Actions. First set the trigger to " Subscription created ". This will ensure that the actions get triggered whenever a Subscription is created. In the filters section click on “Add Filter”. This will allow you to choose a product. In our case, we will choose the “trial” product and click on Add.

Now we can start configuring Actions. Choose “Add action” from the Actions menu. Choose the action “Add trial period”.

In this case, we are setting the trial days to 7 Days because we would like to give a 7-day trial to the customer.

Now we can add more actions. Note that these actions are executed in the top⇾bottom order. Let’s start by adding another option. Choose “Add a subscription product” and add the normal variant of the product (original price).

Now let’s add another action to remove the trial product from the subscription using the “ Remove a subscription product” option. And click on save to save your custom flow. 

We have successfully enabled a 7-day trial period for this product.

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