Merge Subscriptions

It can be challenging for the consumer to keep track of multiple subscriptions that deliver on various dates. The ability for consumers to combine their subscriptions, saving on shipping and time, without having to send an email or get in touch with your support team, is crucial to delivering a smooth customer experience.

This section will walk you through all the options on how you or the customer can merge subscriptions on Loop.

Logics behind merging the subscriptions

As a customer, you can only merge subscriptions whose shipping address is the same and are billed and delivered at the same frequency. Once you have selected the order date, all the forthcoming subscriptions will get lined up based on the delivery frequency on which the merger was performed.

Merge subscriptions from Loop Customer Portal

Customers can merge subscriptions for themselves directly from the Loop customer portal. For a customer to be able to do this, the following prerequisites must be met.


  1. The customer must have a subscription in an active state.
  2. The option called “Merge Subscriptions” should be enabled. This option can be found by heading to Customer Portal > Preferences >Merge Subscriptions.

If all the above prerequisites have been met. Here is a step-by-step illustration of how the option works.

Select the shipping address to which you want to merge, and click “next”.

Select the subscriptions that you want to merge and click on “Choose Order Date”.”

Select the order date and press “Confirm”.

Facing Issues?

If you have any queries or doubts about any of these steps. Please reach out to


Loop Subscription Team

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