Setup Loop Flows

Loop flows is a powerful feature-packed utility which enables merchants to create a unique customer journey for their Subscriptions. Using loop flows you can configure actions to take place automatically based on triggers that you can configure. 

This article will help you understand the feature and what the options mean and will also serve as a guide to help you configure Loop flows on your store

Accessing Loop Flows

Loop flows are available as part of our ENTERPRISE plan and can be found by going to Loop > Flows.

Creating a Flow

To create a new flow, use the “Create Flow” button. This should take you to a page where you can configure the flow. Flows work on the basis of triggers, basically, you can think of it as an IF condition.

  • Step 1: Give your flow a name
  • Step 2: Choose your trigger. There are two options to choose from
    • Subscription created: When this option is selected, the flow is triggered every time a new subscription is created
      • Filter available:
        • Filter by product
    • Order processed: When this option is selected. The flow can be configured to trigger after X orders.
      • Filters available:
        • Filter by product
        • Filter by order number
  • Step 3: Choose your filter. This filter allows you to narrow down the flow to a specific product/order.

Note that filters can be stacked when using order processed as the trigger

  • Step 4: Configure your actions. This section allows you to configure the actions that are performed when your trigger is executed. There are several actions to choose from and more are being added to this feature
Action Description
Add product once This action allows you to add a product once to the Subscription
Add a subscription product Allows you to add a Subscription Product to the Subscription
Remove a product once Allows you to remove a product once from the Subscription
Delay next billing Allows you to delay the next billing
Remove a subscription product Allows you to remove a Subscription product from the Subscription
Add trial period Allows you to configure a trial period. Useful for setting up trial subscriptions
Add customer tag Allows you to add a configurable customer tag

Note: Add actions allow you to add the product with discount settings to allow for unique and custom discounting subscription flows

  • Step 5: Click “Save” to save your Custom Flow.

If you have any queries or doubts about any of these steps. Please reach out to

Loop Subscription Team

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