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What are Loop Flows

Loop Flows is a feature that allows merchants to set up automated actions which are performed based on certain triggers which are configured in Loop. With flows, you can setup automated product swaps at X orders, higher discounts at Y orders, gift products at Z orders and even a combination of all of these and more to drive up your subscription and improve subscriber retention by gamifying subscriptions.

This guide walks you through the different configurations available on Loop flows and the use cases. Loop flows are built on the fundamental logic of When, If and Then.

When condition

This condition specifies  when the “IF condition” should be activated/executed and has two options.

  1. A new subscription is created: In this case, the IF condition is executed whenever a subscription is created
  2. A recurring order is successfully placed: In this case, the IF condition will be executed when a recurring subscription order is placed by Loop.

What are (If) Conditions

If conditions in Loop are the same as in programming languages where the action is activated only if the condition that is preconfigured in the app is met.

  1. Filter by product: This allows you to choose the product that you want to be affected by the flow
  2. Filter by order number: This allows you to choose at which order count the action has to be triggered.
  3. Customer tag is present: This enables you to check if a customer has a particular customer tag
  4. Customer tag is not present: This is the opposite of the third option, where you can configure Loop to check if a customer does not have a particular tag

This table shows you which “If conditions” are available to you based on the “When” condition selected. Customer tag based If conditions are not affected by the When condition.

When Condition Filter by product Filter by order number
Subscription Created
Order processed

When the Trigger event is set as Order processed - you can choose to use both the filters in combination.

If set to use only Filter by order number - this would act as a universal trigger which will be executed when any subscription reaches order count X. This can be used to configure bonus/extra products to improve retention.

What are Actions (Then)

Actions are events that are set to execute when the trigger/IF condition is achieved. The actions that are set up on flows follow the same order of execution as how they are set up on the app.

Listed below are the configurable actions using Loop flows.

Action Description
Add product once This action allows you to add a product once to the Subscription
Add a subscription product Allows you to add a Subscription Product to the Subscription
Remove a product once Allows you to remove a product once from the Subscription
Remove a subscription product Allows you to remove a Subscription product from the Subscription
Delay next billing Allows you to delay the next billing
Add trial period Allows you to configure a trial period. Useful for setting up trial subscriptions
Add discount Allows you to add a discount to the subscription
Add customer tag Allows you to add a configurable customer tag
Remove customer tag Allows you to remove a specified customer tag

Use cases of Loop Flows

There are multiple ways that Flows can be configured to implement any action on a subscription to achieve your intended functionality. The guides to each are linked in the below table

Use Cases Support
Product swapping
Membership subscriptions
Trial subscriptions
Delay billing
Add/ Remove product one-time or subscription
Auto-apply discounts after X orders
Actions based on customer tags

Note that these use cases can be mixed and matched to achieve your specific use case, which might not be included in the standard use cases listed above

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