What is Reporting?

Reporting has been made available to enable merchants to download crucial data needed for back-office operations, rapid analytics, and decision-making about marketing expenditure, product management, and subscription retention. Loop’s powerful reporting feature will enable you to make business decisions with ease

Where can I find this?

You can find reporting in loop by following some simple steps.

Step 1 : Head over to “Loop > Reporting

Step 2 : According to your needs, select the report you want to publish by clicking on it.

Step 3 : Apply the relevant filters, and you are good to go.

Types of Reports on Loop

Loop provides various types of reports, keeping in mind, the various needs of a merchant at different stages in their business.

Type Description Use case
Subscribers This will give a list at a subscriber/customer level with details like subscription status, subscribed products, next order date, total spent etc. Subscribers report will provide you valuable insights into your customer data with major insights like total subscription revenue, subscription orders processed, contact details etc. and will be extremely useful for driving marketing campaigns.
Subscriptions This will give a list of subscriptions with customer, shipping, payment, products, discounts and next order details Subscriptions report will help in managing shipping and packaging schedule, payment status of the subscriptions and tracking Month-on-month increase in numbers of subscriptions.
Subscription products This will give a list of subscriptions with its associated products’ info like price, quantity, discounts etc. displayed row wise. Subscription products report will help you manage inventory, review pricing and discounts across your products, It also provides a subscription level view of all the products that are part of subscriptions on the app.
Subscription orders processed This will give a list of subscription orders processed with customer, shipping and payment related info. A major takeaway from this report would be how many subscription orders are processed on the platform and total value of processed orders, and understand a split up between new subscriptions and older subscription orders over a certain time period
Subscription upcoming orders List of upcoming subscription orders scheduled to be processed in the selected time period. This report can be used to understand the risk status of your upcoming subscription orders and take preventive measures to reduce subscription churn.
Transactions This will give a list of transactions processed via Loop with subscription, customer, order and payment related info in the selected time period. Transactions report will help you understand the transactions made and attempted by Loop. This will help you understand the reason behind payment failures and analyze and detect fraud.
Inventory forecast This will help you to view projected quantity of subscription products that will be sold in the selected time period. The major benefit of this report is that it will help you manage and predict the minimum inventory required to process subscription orders. This will save you from Stock out and will reduce product waste and help in predicting product sale trends.

Steps to be followed for obtaining any of the above-mentioned report

Step 1 : Go to “Loop > Reporting”, and then click on the type of report that you want to see. Let’s assume that want to see “ Subscriptions Report”.

Step 2 : You can now apply filters, based on what insights you want to gain from the data. Suppose if I want to see report of subscriptions which are active or has been paused. I will simply search the column name i.e, status and will click on “Active” and “Paused”.

Step 3 : Click on “Apply Filters,” and we are good to go for our report.

Looking for something specific?

If you are looking for some specific report which is not covered by our reporting feature on the app. No need to fret; we’re here to jump in and help you out. Reach out to us at or feel free to ping us on chat by clicking the support beacon on the bottom right

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