In this article, you'll learn how to integrate Pagefly with Loop Subscriptions. Once you've integrated with Pagefly, the widget will be visible on your Product page

About Pagefly

PageFly is one of the most popular e-commerce conversion rate optimization solutions for Shopify merchants, partners, agencies, and freelancers. Using PageFly, you can build beautiful, SEO- friendly landing, and product pages with ease.


  • Product pages have to be set up in Pagefly
  • Install the loop snippets - Step 1 of Loop Widget Installation
  • The product has to be mapped to a Selling Plan

Setting up the Loop widget in Pagefly

  • Open Pagefly from your Shopify Apps
  • Go to your Product Page

  • Select the Product on which you want to display the Loop Widget
  • In the elements section, Search for "Liquid" and drag and drop it where you want the Widget to be placed

  • Click on the placed box and click on "Open Code Editor" on the right pane.

  • In the window that opens up, insert this code

{% render 'loop-subscriptions' type: 'product-widget', product: product %}

  • Click Save to save your changes
  • Reload the product page to preview the changes. The Loop Widget should now be visible on the Product page.

Need help?

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